Kick Off Your Party With This Marukan 7-Layer Bean Dip

Delicious Marukan 7 Layer Black Bean Dip is a Hearty Crowd Pleaser!

From family get togethers to game day festivities, there’s nothing better than delicious appetizers and finger foods! Dips are a party food mainstay.

Easy to assemble in advance, dips make quick work of entertaining a crowd. The 7 Layer Bean Dip is a delicious party favorite with origins along the Texas border with Mexico.

While there are many variations of this popular dish, our delectable layered dip features healthy, plant-based ingredients and makes an impressive presentation.

Convenient spicy black bean dip and diced tomatoes with chiles provide a nice counterpoint to the rich, creamy layers that follow, and you can adjust the level of heat.

The classic 7 Layer Dip typically includes guacamole. In our recipe, we arrange ripe avocado slices in a pinwheel pattern over the diced tomato layer. Large avocados will produce the most attractive effect here.

Traditional 7 Layer Bean Dip contains heart-heavy sour cream and dairy cheese. In this dairy-free rendition, the fourth layer is a delectable blend of dairy-free yogurt and vegan mayo, citrus and Mexican seasonings.

Marukan Lite Seasoned Rice Vinegar is low in sugar and sodium, certified Vegan and has a delicate, mild flavor. This healthful rice vinegar adds a distinctive, mellow balance to the lush, rich-tasting ‘cream’ layer.

We cover our signature ‘cream’ sauce with a dairy-free shredded cheddar – jack cheese blend, sliced black olives and sliced scallions.

This 7 Layer Dip, with its explosion of flavors from fresh and creamy ingredients is served hot out of the oven with crisp tortilla chips and salsa.

Marie Oser is a best-selling author, writer/producer and host of VegTV. Her latest book is The Skinny on Soy.  Follow Marie on Facebook and Twitter


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