A Twist to Your Thanksgiving Feast

November has arrived, which means Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This year, we challenge you to try something different with your Thanksgiving feast and our Marukan Fried Turkey recipe is a delicious way to switch it up! In fact, deep frying a turkey has become more and more popular in recent years. Celebrity chefs such as Michael Leviton, Alton Brown and the Neely’s are even into this growing trend.

Deep frying the turkey gives it an irresistibly tender, juicy and crispy flavor that won’t disappoint. Aside from the taste benefits, frying your turkey will cut your cook time in half! Believe it or not, you can fry two turkeys in less time than it takes to roast one. Even the leftovers (if you’re lucky to have some) will be delicious! Enjoy and happy frying!


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