Paramount Education Partnership Receives $10K Donation from Marukan

Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A.) Inc. has been a long-standing supporter of education and continued that effort with their donation of $10,000 to the Paramount Education Partnership (PEP) at a recent Paramount city council meeting. With this latest contribution, Marukan has donated $245,000 to the PEP since 2008.

“We are excited to support the youth in our community through education and the PEP is a great organization that helps students succeed.” says Jon Tanklage, President of Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A.) Inc.

PEP is an alliance between the City of Paramount, the Paramount Unified School District, and the Paramount Chamber of Commerce. It is dedicated to providing programs and services that increase the academic achievement and educational attainment of the City’s residents. 

From left to right in the photo are Isabel Aguayo (Vice Mayor of Paramount), Annette C. Delgadillo (Councilmember), Jon Tanklage (President of Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A.) Inc.), Vilma Cuellar Stallings (Mayor of Paramount), Esther Hawksley (Vice President of Sales of Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A.) Inc.), Brenda Olmos (Councilmember) and Peggy Lemons (Councilmember).


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