Marukan Kicks Up the Flavor at the National Restaurant Association Show

The Marukan team was in Chicago showcasing our Premium Rice Vinegar and Ponzu products and serving delectable culinary creations for attendees of the National Restaurant Association Show. This is the foodservice industry’s largest annual event worldwide with over 65,000 attendees from over 110 countries to see the latest culinary breakthroughs and innovative products in the industry.

To promote the versatility and the “World’s Finest” flavor of Marukan Rice Vinegar and Ponzu, Chef Lee Turman and Chef Seth Bradley from Elite Personal Chefs prepared some incredible dishes for everyone to taste. The dishes included a refreshing Salmon Poke made with our Premium Soy Ponzu, a light and tangy Field Green Salad made with our Lite Rice Vinegar Dressing, a Marukan classic Pickled Cucumbers recipe made with our Seasoned Gourmet Rice Vinegar, a flavorful Chicken Confit made with our Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar and a sweet Olive Oil Soaked Pound Cake. Each of these recipes highlighted the delicious difference Marukan can bring to your restaurant menu.


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