Marukan is Spreadin’ the News of Great Taste in New York

This year’s 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC was a huge success for the Marukan team as they were “spreadin’ the news” of great tasting Marukan products one bite at a time. With over 25,000 people in attendance, this is the largest specialty food industry trade event in North America and the premier showcase for industry innovation. Attendees had the opportunity to discover the newest and best products including Marukan’s premium line of Rice Vinegars and Ponzus, network with industry peers, and take a look at what the future holds for specialty food!

Visitors to the Marukan booth were treated to an array of delicious dishes crafted by Chef Austin Yancey from Elite Personal Chefs including Sautéed Mushrooms made with Marukan Premium Soy Ponzu with Sudachi Citrus along with Kimchi and Pickled Cucumbers with Ginger both made with Marukan Premium Rice Vinegars. As Chef Austin Yancey puts it, “The acidity in the Marukan Rice Vinegars is great for bringing out the flavor in these dishes. We love showing the versatility of Marukan products every chance we get, and this event was perfect for doing just that.” To hear more about how Marukan products were used in the preparation of these delicious dishes and some wonderful cooking tips, check out the video above featuring Chef Austin Yancey and Jon Tanklage, President of Marukan (U.S.A) Inc.



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