Marukan Features Rice Vinegars at Seafood Expo North America

Come learn how Marukan’s Rice Vinegars can enhance the flavor of your signature seafood dishes at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston this week! Visit us in booth #1921, enjoy some samples and taste the Marukan difference.  Marukan produces premium, seasoned, unseasoned and organic rice vinegars, using traditional methods perfected in Japan to create products of legendary aroma, flavor and taste. A family-owned company for ten generations, Marukan has perfected the brewing of rice vinegar and offers Genuine Brewed and Organic varieties that are free of sugar and salt and Seasoned Gourmet, Lite Seasoned, and Organic Seasoned products for that sweet and tangy taste. And, all of our Marukan vinegars are Non-GMO verified, Certified Vegan, Star K Kosher and naturally gluten-free. We look forward to having you experience the World’s Finest Rice Vinegars!

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