Marukan Cup of Culinary Excellence 2018

Every year, Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A.) Inc. sponsors an annual culinary competition featuring students and Alumni from the Cerritos College of Culinary Arts. However, this year was different as young, talented High School Students were welcome to compete as well. All competitors were given 60 minutes, and challenged to create “marulicious” entrĂ©es utilizing Marukan Products for a chance to win scholarships and prizes.







When the dishes were completed, a premier panel of Chefs with over 100 years of combined experience judged the competition. Each dish was judged on best use of Marukan products, creativity within the dish, and techniques demonstrated. We would like to say congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the participants. We are incredibly proud and honored to support culinary arts and the aspiring chefs of the future. If you missed the event, check out some highlights in the video above or visit our Facebook page to see the live stream!







2018 Marukan Cup Winners:

High School: Osvaldo Galaz: Baked Panko Chicken with roasted sweet potatoes, coleslaw, pickled cucumber and avocado cilantro dipping sauce

Alumni: Erick Villa: Braised short rib with celery root pancake, fresh kimchi sauce and pickled radish

Cerritos College: Alondra Zuniga: Grilled octopus with hominy cake, fried Italian onion, sugar snap peas and three sauces


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