Marukan Brings The Flavor To Chefs In Fabulous Las Vegas

This week in Las Vegas, the Marukan team are giving chefs and attendees at the American Culinary Federation (ACF) National Convention an opportunity to taste the delicious Marukan difference with tasty sushi and vegetable samples. The ACF is the premier professional chefs’ organization in North America and this event is the largest annual gathering of chefs, students and foodservice professionals in the United States featuring culinary innovations, educational seminars and food demonstrations.

Marukan offers a premium line of seasoned, unseasoned and organic rice vinegars plus a savory line ponzu sauces made with authentic Japanese Yuzu and Sudachi citrus to help elevate the flavor of your restaurant and foodservice menus. Try Marukan which has been the preferred choice of sushi masters, chefs and culinary experts throughout the world because of the exceptional quality and legendary flavor that has been the standard for over ten generations.

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