Chef Austin Yancey Educates Chefs On Uses of Marukan at the Culinary Institute of America

Marukan Executive Chef, Austin Yancey and Julie Ivers, Foodservice Sales Manager for Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A.) Inc., recently attended the Sonoma State University Chef Training at the Culinary Institute of America, Copia campus in Napa, CA. After providing a history and background on Marukan to the attendees, Chef Yancey educated the chefs on the many amazing uses of Marukan Rice Vinegar products.

He explained how to use premium Marukan Rice Vinegar and its acidity to balance and enhance the flavors in a dish. Chef Yancey also created a delicious gastrique sauce for Mediterranean cuisine including a duck confit and a falafel with tahini sauce. The training on the uses of Marukan demonstrated the wonderful Marukan difference in taste that only the World’s Finest Rice Vinegar can deliver.


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