Ceviche and Salad Dishes Featured by Marukan at the Seafood Expo North America

To promote the delicious flavor and versatility of Marukan Rice Vinegar and Ponzu products, Esther Hawksley, Vice President of Sales of Marukan U.S.A., and Chef Lee Turman from Elite Personal Chefs are in Boston this week at the Seafood Expo North America. This is North America’s largest seafood expo with thousands of supermarket, restaurant and foodservice buyers from around the world in attendance.

Chef Turman prepared a scallop ceviche using Marukan Citrus Ponzu in place of lime juice in a traditional ceviche. The feedback from the expo attendees has been very positive since the Marukan Ponzu gives the ceviche less of a sharp bite for a milder flavor.

Two salads were also made at the expo by Chef Turman at the Marukan booth. The first was a mixed, green salad utilizing Marukan Yuzu Ponzu, garnished with pickled red onions, carrots and radishes that were pickled in Marukan Seasoned Gourmet Rice Vinegar. The second was a traditional cucumber salad using Marukan Seasoned Gourmet Rice Vinegar to add a boost of flavor.


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