Announcing Marukan’s 370 Year Anniversary

In 2019, Marukan will be celebrating our 370th Anniversary and with that we’ve made some exciting changes. Continue reading to find out more about our best year yet!

2019 Product Line Updates

For 2019, look for refreshed label designs on all Marukan Rice Vinegar products that will carry the golden, “Celebrating 370 Years” banner. Marukan is proud of this milestone anniversary, which also marks our 45th year of business in the United States. The World’s Finest Rice Vinegar is also the original and most renowned since its beginning in 1649. The classic label design is kept intact on the front, while on the back, the FDA Nutritional Fact panel has been updated to current standards.  An over-wrap is also being added to the cap to accent the design changes and anniversary theme, while adding a second tamper-evident seal. Look for these new packages of Marukan Rice Vinegar, Organic Rice Vinegar and Organic Seasoned Rice Vinegar Dressing to hit store shelves as early as February 2019.

New Improved Lite Seasoned Rice Vinegar

Marukan Lite Seasoned Rice Vinegar has increased its acidity level to 4.0%, allowing this product to drop the “dressing” descriptor from its name. This increase in acidity gives this product a bolder flavor while still staying “Lite” on the sugar and salt. Packing a bit more vinegar punch allows the tangy rice vinegar flavor to hold up on salads and other dishes with higher water content. Marukan is the only brand to offer a Lite Seasoned Rice Vinegar that is 33% lower in sugar and salt, making it a unique product that should find its way onto more store shelves. Try it, and in case you still prefer the old formula, just add a tiny bit of water to suit your taste.

Say “Sayonara” to Soy Sauce with Marukan Sudachi Citrus and Yuzu Ponzu Sauces

Featuring “clean-label” formulas that rolled out in the Fall of 2018, the Marukan Ponzu Sauces keep their newly redesigned labels and add the branded over-wrap to the caps. The Marukan Ponzu line now consists of only two flavors of Soy Ponzu, Sudachi and Yuzu, which are now made with 100% Gluten-free Tamari Soy Sauce, containing no wheat. Using Marukan Rice Vinegar in the Ponzu along with genuine Sudachi and Yuzu citrus from Japan means these ponzu sauces are not only the most authentic and delicious you will find, they are also Non-GMO Verified and gluten-free, without any artificial ingredients, or preservatives. A nation-wide relaunch is coming soon so that everyone will find these Marukan Ponzu sauces in a nearby store or through their favorite on-line retailer.




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